Why should experience the Karma Kaapi's Coffee

We have a well-trained team supervised by experts at all levels. From perfect brews to exceptional blends, our team is dedicated to making that cup of coffee the best experience of your day!

What Sets us Apart

  • We source our Coffee Beans directly from the farm.
  • We only use Packaged or R.O waters in the preparation of our products.
  • We believe that natural ingredients are always better and only use fresh milk is in all our preparations.
  • Plastic utensils are always avoided, even for our hot serves.
  • Happiness is contagious. To keep our customers happy, we ensure the happiness of our staff and always look after their needs.
  • Our staffs are well trained and always maintain high sanitary standards.
  • As an organization, we adhere to 100% compliance as is governed by the appropriate authorities.
  • Our Menus are specifically designed, keeping in mind the health of consumers as foremost. Therefore, it includes healthy and organic drinks and eatables.
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