The Language of Coffee

Coffee is the most widely traded commodity in the world, next only to petroleum! About 400 billion cups of coffee are used up each year, and we are proud to be a part of it with nearly 1oo thousand cups being served here at Karma Kaapi. Like any other popular commodity, coffees has lived through its own share of controversies.

Stay Of Coffee

Coffee was once also known as the drink of the devil, owing to the rumours of the drink causing impotence and other expletives.

Coffee needs blending, brewing and many other preparations that go into excellent drinks. Coffee also has its own language.

To create a delicious cup of coffee, we always make sure that each of our processes get quality assurance;connecting farmers to the roasters and roasters to the baristas.

Farm Level

Karma Kaapi roasted beans start at the source. Our coffee beans are chosen with great love and even greater attention to flavour, origin and profile. All these elements help us achieve exceptional coffees that we are well known for. We use handpicked coffees to get a desired flavour, aroma, strength and sweetness.


Processing is a vital step. This is where we achieve 90% of our flavours, while the rest 10% magic is created by the roasters and baristas. The coffee beans have to be processed before they are roasted and ground to be used in different kind of coffees


What you see now is the transformation our coffee beans go through. From the looks, colour, bean size and surface texture, the coffee corresponds to the extent of roast it goes through. We use fully automated profile roasters for our coffee beans that controls our bean's flavour, aroma, acidity, strength and sweetness.


Our coffee experts make sure that each coffee being brewed makes its way to cupping with high scores. You heard is right! We score our coffees according to international standards. We are here to make sure the potential in our freshly roasted beans makes it into your cup. Because coffee should taste just as great as its origin.


At Karma Kaapi, we have trained authentic Baristas who serve best quality espressos and speciality coffee drinks. We make sure you get the best coffee humanly possible. We are the artistic Baristas.

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