Ethically Sourced

" Making a Great Coffee isn't Rocket Science, But it isn't East Either."

There are thousands of factors that affect the taste in your cup of coffee. From farmer's picking methods at the origin to the roasters used and the temperature profile. A small tweak and the taste changes by an enormous level.

Locally Roasted Coffee

At Karma Kaapi, we do more than just roasting our own coffee. We're authentic baristas. From handcrafted coffee beans to skilled roasters, we make sure you get the best coffee humanly possible.

Quality In Each Cup

Our Caffeine studio is a perfect place for relaxing, reading, casual meets and getting by the day. We enjoy giving you a great time and our caffeine studio facilitates our passion. Walk into a world of caffeine and explore possibilities one sip at a time.

Brew your Karma with Kindness in each Cup

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